About R&E

Office of the Research Coordinator for Research Development and Extension Services


A premier research center that augments a globally competitive research program anchored on ACC’s mission to produce responsible, productive and patriotic citizens who are responsive to the changing needs of the local and global communities.


To provide technical products and services in allied fields using appropriate approaches to sustain growth on its post-secondary and technical -vocational programs that enable the graduates to become globally competitive, disciplined and morally upright.


1.To nurture the organizational and manpower capabilities of the College in undertaking globally competitive research activities.

2. To encourage talented students to take an interest in research

3. To increase the number of faculty members engaged in research and extension, and strengthen their R&D capabilities.

4. To improved the college’s capacity to generate new R&D information and technological innovations.

5. To continuously upgrade and maintain functionality of R&D facilities;

6. To spearhead the development and enhance the flow of improved and appropriate processes and technologies with cooperating /collaborating agencies, local government units and private industrial sectors.


  1. To formulate a research development program that equips the faculty with the knowledge, skills, and competence to do research and publish their research outputs
  2. To improve research productivity of students and the quality of students researches
  3. To encourage the faculty to engage in various types of research and extension activities
  4. To encourage students to engage in various types research activities
  5. To produce through the research team refereed researches for publication in the local, national, and international research journals


The guiding philosophy of ACC Research and Development Extension Program is portrayed in the theme ‘CARES’, herein stated as follows:

C- Candid and humane implementation of RDE programs, with consideration of the end-users of knowledge and technologies.

A-Aligned to global, national and regional development goals in addressing pressing issues and coming up with well-thought of development strategies

R-Reliable and ethical conduct of results-oriented researches toward knowledge development

E-Enhanced human and physical resources backstopping towards building a strong research community

S-Supplementary to the RDE programs of other agencies/institutions at the global, national and regional levels and support national programs on countryside development and poverty reduction.

Engr. Juancho A. Tesado
Director, Research & Development
Irene A. Belleza
Coordinator, Extension Services