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An innovative, transformative, and responsive college that equips educators with pedagogic, research, and other relevant tools necessary for the educational furtherance of society.


To produce professional educators in the programs offered that showcase instruction mastery to address the relevant educational needs of the locality, region, and nation through educative programs, policies, and directions grounded on effective pedagogy, research, and extension service.


  1. Offer the four-year teacher education programs, namely: Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED), and Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd);
  2.  Diversify the Bachelor of Secondary Education program into four specializations, major in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science;
  3. Align instruction and research with the needs of the locality, industry, and the education sector in general;
  4. Implement new programs, policies, and directions necessary for the constantly changing curriculums, recent educational trends, and the growing school community, such as the offering of new specializations should the needs arise;
  5. Ensure quality education through updated course syllabi reflective of appropriate pedagogies, substantial contents, current research findings, and outcomes-based objectives;
  6. Provide the students with relevant lessons, activities, and directions that enable them to accumulate knowledge and skills based on expected competencies and course requirements;
  7. Develop the students’ mastery and grasp of the various pedagogies, teaching tools, classroom management, and student assessments needed for their pre-service training;
  8. Increase the number of LET passers, or produce top-notchers if possible, who could join the public or private schools to help educate the youth of the land.

Programs Offered:

Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) with majors in:

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Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd)

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