Student Services

A. Guidance and Counseling
College life entails a lot of difficult adjustments for students, however, it can be made easy at ACC through its guidance and counseling services where a Guidance Counselor is available to serve them and attend to their personal, social, financial and academic needs.

  1. Testing
    This service is intended to measure student’s ability, achievement and/or other characteristics that may be useful bases for students in making decisions in areas of admission/readmission, choice of course, job placement, etc.
  2. Information
    The Guidance Service is also designed to assist students in coping with adjustment problems caused by transition periods in various levels through:
    • General/Block orientation Program
    • Career Guidance Seminar
    • Leadership Trainings
    • Job Seeking Seminar
    • Other Student Development Programs

B. Health Services
The Heath Services Office aims to ensure the well-being of students and employees of the college providing basic medical care, performing physical examination, prescribing appropriate medical and dental treatment and referring clients to different disciplines by competent medical and paramedical personnel.

a. Services Rendered

Clinic Schedule:
Monday- Friday
8am-12nn and 1pm-5pm
Dental Consultation
Every Tuesday and Thursday
Dental Procedure is by appointment
School Physician Schedule is every First Thursday of the Month

The following services are provided:

  1. Attendance to emergency calls
  2. Routine medical examination
  3. Administration of medication as warranted in accordance to the policy of the clinic in administration of medication.
  4. Give first aid and dress wounds of all types.
  5. Referrals to other medical specialist or institutions when further evaluation is required.
  6. Conduct supplemental classroom instruction and materials on various health related topics.
  7. Facilitate trainings and workshops on specific topics that affect health and safety of students.
  8. Other services related to the preceding services.

Dental Services

  1. Dental examination and provision of oral prophylaxis
  2. Dental consultation and treatment
  3. Dental counseling

b. Clinic Procedures

  1. The nurse checks the identification card and records the name of the student.
  2. The student fills up the medical or dental form for assessment and record purposes.
  3. The nurse initially assesses the client and renders immediate nursing interventions when necessary.
  4. The nurse refers student to either school physician or the school dentist. She also makes referrals to other medical practitioners or medical institutions if the school physicians are not available or in case of emergency in which the capability of the school clinic is deemed not adequate.

School Library
The Abuyog Community College library is an integral part of the college which aims to provide effective informational support for the curriculum and for the scholarly and creative accomplishment of the students and faculty. It also serves as the venue for the students, faculty and staff members to keep abreast with current development in their field of interest. The library offers circulation, reserve, reference, bibliographic and advisory services.

Library Services

  1. Library Orientation Programs- these are conducted with a tour of the different library sections and its physical arrangements.
  2. Books Display- new books are displayed for about a month for the users to browse through before these can be loaned out.
  3. Periodical Index- much of the information in the library are in the form of articles in periodicals, government publications and other available reports and bulletins; thus, periodical indices are constantly updated and provided for easy access by users.
  4. Reference and Information Service- through this service, users will know how and where to locate their information needs.
  5. Circulation- charging and discharging of books are done in this section including Filipiniana and Reserve Sections.
  6. Vertical File Materials- these include clippings, pamphlets, brochures, booklets which are arranged in alphabetical order by subjects.

Library Policies

  1. Library hours are from 8:00am-12 noon and 1:00-5:00pm (no noon break)
  2. Always wear your school I.D. and the prescribed school uniform.
  3. Deposit your things at the bags counter upon entering the library. You may bring your valuables (wallet, cellphone, laptop and the like)
  4. Help maintain a quite atmosphere for research. Silence in the library must be observed at all times.
  5. Refrain from dragging your shoes and chairs when pulling them out for use.
  6. Chatting, petty talks, group discussions regarding class projects or assignments, answering cellphone call and playing ringtones should be done outside the library premises or at the lounge area.
  7. Sleeping, smoking, eating and all sorts of vandalism are strictly prohibited inside the library.
  8. Each student is asked to help keep the library neat and orderly, and to push back chairs quietly before leaving the room.
  9. All books taken out from the shelves should not be returned to the shelves. Place them on the table or on the book trucks provided for this purpose.
  10. Treat the library materials you use with care. Do not cut or mutilate pages of books and periodicals.
  11. Any person who uses an identification card not his owns shall have his privileges suspension for not more than one (1) semester.
    Violation or infraction of library policies shall not be excused on the plea of ignorance and will be suspended from using the library facilities for a day or more depending on the gravity of offense.

General Rules in Borrowing Books

  1. The books and other reading materials are classified according to where they belong: Reserve Section, Filipiniana Section, Circulation Section and Periodical Section.
  2. General references (dictionaries, encyclopedia, maps, atlas, gazetteers), periodicals, vertical files (pamphlets, clippings) journals, single copy of book, theses and dissertations are for LIBRARY use only and therefore cannot be loaned out. Photocopying is allowed, provided conditions in photocopying of said materials are met.
  3. Books in the Reserve Section are only allowed for library and not allowed for overnight use, hence, students can borrow books in the said section by presenting their borrowers card to the one in-charge and be returned once he/she returned the book.
  4. Books borrowed on Friday will be returned on Monday.
  5. A bonafide user, which includes faculty, personnel and students are prohibited to borrow books for the purpose of lending it to others without prior consent of the librarian.
  6. In case of loss of borrowed library materials as much as possible it should be replaced with exactly the same library materials, i.e. the same title, author, and edition; if unavailable, the present price of which shall be paid within 30 days. In event that the current price is not known, the following computation is observed. Five (5) pesos per page, for locally published books. Twenty (20) pesos per page for foreign books, or five (5) pesos per page for other library materials.
  7. Fines and other library obligations should be settled with the librarian or library in-charge before or during the signing for current semester. Failure or refusal to need may mean to forfeiture of library privileges.
  8. The money collected from fines shall be recorded accordingly, a copy of which shall be furnished to the Office of the College President and College Registrar for their information and reference. However, the amount shall be used for the purchase of needed library facilities with approval of the
    College President.

Loan Types:
HOURLY LOAN– reserve books are issued to a borrower for photocopying for a period of one hour only.
Failure to return the book within one (1) hour, the borrower will incur a fine of one (1) peso per hour.


The library fully recognizes that the works of authors are their intellectual property. Thus, the library is able to secure explicit permissions from authors or publishers to photocopy certain portions of their works. In this case their books are released to students for photocopying purposes.

OVERNIGHT LOAN – maximum of two (2) books in the Circulation per student is allowed to be loaned for overnight use only. They may be checked out from 2:30 to 4:00 pm. These books must have returned at or before 8:00 a.m. the following day.

Failure to return the book on its due date, the borrower will incur a fine of five (5) peso per hour and fifty (50) pesos per day.
WEEKLY LOAN – Novels/fictions are loaned for seven (7) days, they may be checked out from 2:30-4:00 p.m., and may be renewed for another seven (7) days.
MONTHLY LOAN – non-reserved books can be borrowed for month- long use. This is only applicable to non- academic personnel and faculty members.

Fines And Penalties
Lost books:
In case of loss of borrowed library materials, as much as possible it should be replaced with exactly the same library materials, i.e. the same title, author and edition; if replacement is impossible because the book is out of print, then the student has to pay the retail cost of for the book/ library material based on
the current price plus one hundred pesos for service and processing fee. In the event that the current price is not known, the following computation is observed:

Lost Books Fine Rate For Lost Books
Local author P5.00 per page
Foreign Author P20.00 per page
Other library materials P5.00 per page

Loan Type Fine Rate For Unreturned Books
Hourly loan (reserved books) 1.00 per hour for every book

Overnight loan (circulation books) P10.00 for one day and P1.00
per hour for every book
Weekly loan (fictions) P5.00 per day for every day

D. Alumni Services
The College continues to show increased concern for ACC graduates in order to enable them to find their places in the world of work. The Alumni Relations Officer closely coordinates with the Alumni Associations.

E. Other Services:

Support for Pregnant Student
Upon identification of the student being pregnant, referral to the school nurse for proper assessment must be made. The said student can receive support services such as referral to other medical practitioners or medical institutions which can provide maternal care and exemption from strenuous physical activities such as P.E activities. Referral to the guidance counsellor must be made thereafter for counselling and guidance if deemed necessary.

Support for Persons with Disability

A disability is defined as a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities. This institution recognizes and support these persons with disabilities as is necessary. Concrete ramps are provided within the campus for the convenience of handicapped students.

Internet Services
All bona fide students of the college can use the internet facilities located at the library.